Mild Procedure Patient Education

A minimally invasive, outpatient procedure, Mild removes a major root cause of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS), helping patients achieve lasting relief from back and leg pain. Performed through a single, tiny incision, Mild has a safety profile similar to an epidural steroid injection, but with lasting results. The procedure is nationally covered by Medicare (all ages, all plan types) and requires no general anesthesia, implants, stitches, steroids or opioids. If your current LSS treatment isn't providing you with adequate relief, Mild could be your next step.

To learn more about Mild procedure, contact South Central Pain Center today to schedule an appointment with Rayhan Tariq, MD.

Dr. Tariq is an Anesthesiologist with additional fellowship training in chronic Interventional Pain. He completed his fellowship training at the University of Utah and the world-famous Huntsman Cancer Institute. After medical school, he completed his initial surgical training at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Dr. Tariq completed his medical residency in Anesthesiology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Lastly, he completed a subspecialty fellowship in Interventional Pain Medicine at the University of Utah. Dr. Tariq embraces the newest innovation in pain medicine. He has written over 11 book chapters in leading medical textbooks and has authored over 26 publications in Anesthesiology and Pain Journals.


SCRMC HealthBreak | South Central Pain Testimonial

For 10 years, local resident Nancy Bingham has suffered with lower back pain. Every year the pain would intensify. After discussion and evaluation of other diseases she was being treated for, her primary care physician scheduled a referral with Rayhan Tariq, MD. Dr. Tariq is a fellowship trained and board certified Pain Management Specialist at South Central Pain Center.

SCRMC HealthBreak | Chronic Pain

At South Central Pain Center, we recognize how difficult and challenging it can be to live with chronic pain. Accurate diagnosis is essential for the most favorable treatment outcomes. Dr. Tariq is highly skilled at assessing the patients' pain generators and providing comprehensive treatment options. Many pain clinics rely only on pain medications that limit patients’ quality of life because of side effects. Our goal at South Central Pain Center is to help you get back to your everyday life using minimally invasive procedures to minimize pain and reduce reliance on opioid medications.

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