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Published: April 20, 2023

Patient Reviews

"Dr. Tariq and his staff are professional, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. They take extra time to listen, answer questions, and explain. We have searched endlessly for a doctor to help manage our daughter’s excruciating pain. Dr. Tariq and his staff have given us hope! Highly recommend!!" - Patient Testimonial from April 2023.

“A year ago Never knew about dry needling and it’s benefits, on recommendation of a happy patient I tried this treatment therapy and so happy with the professionalism of the clinic . First the reception very professional ,then the doctor was so thoughtful and thorough and last but not least Dr. Rayhan Tariq was excellent not only on the treatment and relief I got but also in the way he makes you relax and teaches you the methods to work better postures and to feel better . Will highly recommend. Truly the best way to pain free help without medication.” - Patient Testimonial from February 2023.

"Dr. Tariq is very kind. He also listens and seems to truly care about his patients. I’m so grateful for the care I have received at South Central Pain Center." - Patient Testimonial from March 2022.

"Awesome!" - Patient Testimonial from December 2021.

“I have suffered with pain for years, but I continued to tell myself ‘I did not want another pain pill. I did not want to go to another doctor.’ However the pain became unbearable and limited my daily activities, so after consulting with my physician, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Tariq. It was a wonderful decision. After the ablation procedure, I have felt so good. I have been able to concentrate on things other than my pain or my disease." - Patient Testimonial from December 2021.

"Dr. Tariq was very professional and polite during my visit to the pain center. He explained in detail about what he would do to help me with the pain I have in both knees. The procedure was virtually painless and my pain started to subside the next day. I would highly recommend him." - Patient Testimonial from September 2021.

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